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Soft Touch, your hair removal center in Brussels and Walloon Brabant

Sure and permanent depilation through laser

Traditional methods of depilation whether by shaving, waxing, resins or depilatory creams can often be a disappointing experience. They are all temporary solutions and are often painful. Would you like to free yourself of these methods once and for all? Then our depilation laser centre is there for you.

Laser diode, by its unique properties is considered by doctors to be the most rapid and efficacious laser depilatory method available on the market. Several clinical studies have shown that it offers the uppermost wave length thus allowing it to treat 90 per cent of skin types.

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Can this treat all skin types?

For best results it is important that the skin be as pale as possible. For this reason the treatment is used during Autumn, Winter and Spring. Darker and tanned skin is more difficult to treat.

Is this treatment permanent ?

As hair grows in cycles and laser treatment only works during the anagene phase, each treatment session destroys 20 to 30% of hair follicles. Four to six sessions are therefore necessary for a satisfactory result.

High quality laser

The hand piece applies a laser impulse on the area to be treated. This impulse is drawn by the melanine right to the centre of the hair follicle which is destroyed by the heat impact. The laser treats several roots of hair at the same time and therefore makes for rapid and efficacious treatment even of extended areas of the body.